What You Can Do About “Plan B”

Visit the Plan B Information Centre:
Bonshaw Community Centre, downstairs
25 Green Road (off TCH in Bonshaw, on left, behind hedgerow) OPEN Tuesdays  1-3pm
(other times can be arranged if volunteers enough) come by to: see maps, get information and a warm drink, and talk to a person to answer your questions and point you to the right spots to see

Watch Plan B
As part of Plan B's Environmental Protection Plan permit we, as citizens, are invited to help manage this project. This means we have the right to ask questions and raise objections to environmental concerns. Ultimately, even if government feels they're not answerable to us in any other way, they will be through this method. Providing these complaints is very important, in that, the ability of the government to respond appropriately can be called into question. We need to take advantage of this process to hold government accountable. So PLEASE send in complaints, preferably written, and keep track of any response that you do or don't receive. Click here

Contact Elected Officials and the Media
This includes emails, phone calls etc. Simply express your main concerns, it can be as short
as a sentence or as long as you like. Don't worry about repeating the same letter to each
addressee. Write your thoughts to the newspapers and copy the letter to your MLA.
Sample letters: Here
Government addresses: Here
Media adresses: Here

Donate Money
This will help with legal costs, printing, etc. Rest assured the money will be accounted for.
We have a community account and a treasurer. Sorry, we are not registered and cannot
issue tax receipts. You can donate directly at the Farmers' Market through Lynne Douglas
at the yarn stall or by sending a cheque made out to "Stop Plan B" to:
"Stop Plan B" PO Box 623 Charlottetown, PEI C1A 7L3

Be a Physical Presence
Just showing up at public events, rallies, and walks makes a difference. Public presence is
noticed and more importantly, you meet with your like-minded citizens. 

Direct Action
Check the Facebook page for discussion

Beyond Plan B
Consider keeping up with the PEI Citizens Alliance, the group that has come out of this Plan B experience.