As part of Plan B's Environmental Protection Plan permit we, as citizens, are invited to help manage this project. This means we have the right to ask questions and raise objections to environmental concerns. Ultimately, even if government feels they're not answerable to us in any other way, they will be through this method. Providing these complaints is very important, in that, the ability of the government to respond appropriately can be called into question. We need to take advantage of this process to hold government accountable. So PLEASE send in complaints, preferably written, and keep track of any response that you do or don't receive. Send them to or call 675-7490

Update (October 12, 2013):

CAMP VISION -- please note that after a full year of monitors living on-site on private property near Plan B, the tipi was decommissioned during a bittersweet gathering exactly one year after the Ghiz government sent in the RCMP to clear the camp in the Hemlock Grove.  Public monitors will continue watching the mitigations near the project this winter.

We are still camping near the construction site at "Camp Vision". For some, Camp is symbolic of our continued opposition to Plan B, opposition to the government's failure to communicate with us or address our concerns in any meaningful way. We are there as a reminder of how undemocratic this government has been.

For others, Camp is our work and our connection to the project.

We are monitoring environmental conditions and ensuring that the project's mitigations are working. We do water monitoring and report transgressions. Already as a result of our vigilance, changes have been made to improve erosion situations. Silt pipe was installed upside down and corrected when we pointed it out. A silt pond was poorly located allowing erosion to bypass the pond, so a berm was bulldozed to improve the situation although, ideally, the pond should be much further down to catch all the erosion in the first place! Spring thaw should be very interesting and we'll be there!

There are MANY folks concerned about this project and they have been stopping by the camp in droves to ask questions, camp provides a great opportunity for concerned members of the public to stay in touch. At this point, we are planning to be there so long as work is continuing, but will update as that status changes.

mitigation failures

camp vision