The snow is melting, and while Plan B has its bumpy asphalt along its 6km, the exposed hillsides have little green cover.  There have been many breaches of the environmental mitigations, and sediment getting into the West River, again.

Then there is the claim the project is "on budget", which can be proven by government releasing the cost breakdown.
We'll keep you posted on developments.  Consider contacting your MLA or the Environment Minister with your concerns.

Recap of the Plan B Story:

The Guardian (PEI) commentary piece:

"Plan B: The Emblem of Poor Government Decision-Making"

From September 3rd, 2013:
photo of West River near Bonshaw footbridge and Crosby Mill area with sediment from Plan B running in, September 3rd, 2013

from June 8th:

click here for Larry Cosgrave's video of mudslides and run-off

Videos from last mitigation breach:
from March 14th:
Bruno Peripoli's "Paradise Paved" video
Part 1 -- Fairyland/Encounter Creek

Part 2 -- Arched Culvert / Hemlock Grove / Crawford's Stream

Part 3 -- Box Culverts / Crawford's Brook
Part 4 - Bonshaw Area
Videos produced by the volunteer environmental monitors camping near the site.